Irish Gaelic

From the world of Eire comes an Irish lass who speaks the Gaeilge

Sinead (Jane, in English) White is an author of romance who hails from the beautiful land of Eire. A petite Irish flower born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, she moved to the U.S. just a few short years ago. A mother of two, she pens paranormal and historical romances and is only too happy to help a fellow author in need of the finer points of Gaeilge (Gaelic). This, of course, meant helping me with Quinn’s ol' Irish and its many colorful, and sometimes hilarious, incarnations.

Most don't know this, but all the language of the British Isles, save Prydein (Britain), which is English, is Gaelic. The Irish, Scotts, Welsh, and Mannanon (Isle of Mann) variations are dialects. Whether Irish, Scotts, Welsh, or Vannanon (M is V in Gaelic), they're all related but sound very different.

Sinead writes adult romances under pseudonym and was nominated for the 2012 Romantic Novel of Excellence (RONE) Award from InD'tale for her debut novella.

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