Chapter Nineteen

Cymbals clashed, a drumbeat began, and music filled the air. Quinn wrapped an arm around Merry’s waist and lifted him up and onto his winged horse. Led by Ethne the Wee riding Nolan, they formed a sloppy, crooked line and took to the heavens in a cacophonous flight. The sky filled with what seemed to be millions of fae. Unconcerned with any semblance of order, their brilliant colors filled a cornflower-blue sky and the late afternoon sun shimmered on their delicate wings.

Though he was terrified and held on to the horse’s mane for dear life, Merry couldn’t ignore the vision of loveliness around him. Where all the fae came from, Merry didn’t know, but he didn’t care. They laughed, sang, and spun on the air leaving glitter to trail in the wake of their revelry. Their mirth filled Merry's veins with a happiness so pure it made him feel giddy and he giggled. Like a girl. He quickly stifled his laugh with a small groan and glanced at Quinn.

Quinn paid no mind to his horse, their fanciful flight, or the rade as he watched Merry with nothing but adoration in his eyes. Merry’s face heated and he turned away. Man, I have to be the lamest guy that ever existed. Of course, other than Quinn, he didn’t know any other guys, so he really had no one to compare himself to, but giggling like a girl and blushing all the time? Those were symptoms of, like, a really, totally, very, exceptionally, extremely freakin’ awkward and definitely uncool kind of guy.

The sun was warm on Merry’s skin and felt good, and he tried to remember when he last sat outside and enjoyed it. He searched the sky for the sun and, as Quinn had warned, pain seared his eyes when he found it.

Bí cúramach, Merry,” Quinn cautioned.

Merry rubbed his eyes. “Yeah, I forgot.” When he opened them again, the world looked different. Colors were fuzzy but sparkly in some places. He rubbed his eyes and opened them again. Still fuzzy and sparkly in places. Now his vision was all screwed up. Typical. He couldn’t do anything right.

“Close ye eye. Let ‘em rest a nonce.”

Merry closed his eyes. Colors stained the backs of his lids and ebbed away, as if a miniature breeze floated the colored splotches across the horizons of his eyes. “What’s a nonce?”

“Ye call it a moment.”

After a few minutes, he opened his eyes again and looked at Quinn. Now his vision was very clear and everything was sparkly around the edges.

Quinn leaned across the expanse between their horses and kissed him chastely. “Ye sight be precious. Ye not look at ye sun again.”

“Yeah.” He blinked a few times trying to rid his vision of the sparkles. It didn’t help. He rubbed his eyes, opened them again and, to his utter astonishment, the palms of his hands glistened as if they were coated in diamond dust. He turned his hands beneath the sun and the backs of them looked as if they were coated in diamond dust too. His gaze traveled quickly up his arm and down his chest and belly. He glistened all over! “Quinn?”


“What’s wrong with my skin?”

“Naught be wrong. Why ye ask such a thing?”

“You don’t see it?”


“I-it, um, sparkles.”

“Aye. Ye skin be beautiful.”

Merry flushed a light rose. “Thanks, but, um, it sparkles. Like, for real.”


“You’re acting like it’s normal that I’m all...shiny.”

Quinn smiled. “Be ye fae side, Merry. It happen when ye be athas.”

“When I’m what?”

“Happy. Ye be happy and ye glamour show.”

“As in I turn all glitzy when I’m happy now?”

“In a manner of speakin’, be ye charm worn on ye sleeve.”

Charm? He didn’t have any charm. He was the least charming person he knew. “I don’t have any charm,” he blurted.

Quinn only chuckled and leaned across again to kiss his cheek. “If ye say so.”

“I can’t go around with my skin all...all...all like this every time I’m happy! How do I make it go away?”

Quinn’s brows shot to the heavens. “Why ye wish it away?”

“How do I explain it? Chill, everybody. No, really, it’s no big deal. It happens all the time!” he mock explained. Of course, he was never happy, so there was really nothing to worry about.

Quinn chuckled again. “Hold ye whist, Merry. Ye human eye not see it.”

Oh. Well, that made it all okay then. Maybe, sorta. He looked down at his skin again. It glistened beautifully beneath the sun and tiny refractions danced on his skin when he moved making him look as if his whole body was covered in tiny diamonds. It was better than okay. It was freakin’ cool!

“Wow,” he said softly.

“Aye. Ye be fair as we moon.”

“What’s that mean?”


Merry’s cheeks flushed again and he turned away. Man, will I ever stop blushing so much?

“Why ye always be so hard on yeself?”

Quinn’s question startled him and he accidentally dug his heels into the horse. Its massive wings whumped on the air and it took off at a full gallop across the sky leaving the rade in the dust, so to speak, and Merry screamed. Like a girl.

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  1. "Ye be happy and ye glamour show.” Love that! This is a very happy chapter. :)

    1. :D Dianne! Thanks for dropping in. It's always great to see you here!

  2. Merry sparkles! This is such an awesome post. I love seeing Merry happy. :)

    1. Merry is happy for the first time in as long as he can remember, Sandy. :D Thanks for stopping by! It's always great to see you here!

  3. I love the concept of Merry physically sparkling when he is happy. Its time Merry had a little happiness!

    1. :D Glad you enjoyed the chapter, Kerry! Thanks for dropping by. I'ts always great to see you here.