About Fairy

A gay kid, a monstrous bully, and a badass fairy.

Meriadoc McDaniel wants to kill his parents. How they could name him after a hobbit is beyond him. Merry is shy, spineless, a geek of humongous proportions, and gay. Everyone at school calls him Merry the Fairy. To add insult to injury, puberty is taking its agonizingly sweet time with him. Now a senior in school, he touts five whole whiskers, and hasn’t grown an inch since ninth grade. Typical. What is short on top of everything else?

Rick Adams is big, mean, and ugly. His reign of terror turns school into nothing short of a war zone for Merry.

Lord Quinn Malloy O’Cuin, pure Sidhe and born of the High Court of Fairy, is a watcher over humans, a silent defender of lost children, broken hearts, and dreams. His regular assignment is to protect babies from those who would replace them with Changelings. However, Quinn committed a transgression—one serious enough to earn him a demotion from the Queen Mother. She reassigns him to watch over teenagers, of all things! Quinn’s new undercover assignment means he is a senior in high school. He can hardly keep himself from fading just thinking about it.

When Rick terrorizes Merry and dares to call him a fairy, Quinn becomes incensed, and all bets are off.

Table of Contents                                                                                                                      Chapter One

©Cody Kennedy. All Rights Reserved.

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